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Dear Nozbe user! I'm happy to welcome you to the official Nozbe online documentation.

My name is Michael Sliwinski and I'm the founder of Nozbe - Simply Get Things Done! web application.

I've decided to make Nozbe Documentation a Team Effort and to enable our users to also participate and add content to this site. More on this below.

Meanwhile, you can start learning more about certain aspects of Nozbe by simply using the menu on the left.

The Nozbe Blog

Please keep in mind that many links from this documentation are linked directly to our Nozbe Blog posts as we try to post very often to keep you in the loop as to what's going on in Nozbe

10-Step Video Course

I strongly encourage you to visit the 10-Step Simply Get Things Done Video Course I've created especially for you to help you master the GTD (Getting Things Done) techniques in 10 simple steps (3-4 minute short videos)

Nozbe's 10-step video course is the best way to get to know Nozbe! Start the course today >>


Recommend Nozbe to your Friends… and Bosses!

If Nozbe is helping you to get more done, why not convince your friends, family and bosses to start off and implement GTD (Getting Things Done) techniques with people around you to create a happy (and productive!) environment!

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